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described. we thank you for your leadership, your action, and your work. and we thank your wife for sharing you with this country. [applause] fee thank you. you can put up their. you do not need to take it back to your seat. you figure out a way to get it to you. [laughter] what an evening. thank you for being a part of >> president obama troubles monday to discuss the tax cuts. our live coverage begins at approximately 1:35 eastern here on c-span. >> "washington post" reporter said last week that congress should not postpone the hard decisions such as dealing with the time and stuff -- entitlements such as last year. he joins mike allen at a breakfast discussion on the so- called fiscal cliff discussions. this is about 25 minutes. [applause] >> good morning, sunshine. welcome to the political breakfast. thank you for getting up so early. we are pleased to have an amazing double-header. if we will speak to senator rubio who last night give a big speech -- one of the first formal speeches looking ahead at the future of the republican party. we will talk about that. the amazing bob woodward w
when the police pulled up he tried to take off... >> an uptown man sprang into action overnight after he spotted an assault and robbery happening in the street near his home >> jackie is off this evening >> police have charged this man with criminal sexual assault and robbery in the attack. it is an incident that could have been much worse if it had not been for the actions of that good samaritan >> the attack happened early sunday morning... here in the 44-hundred block of north sheridan road... the uptown neighborhood. not exactly the best neighborhood. it always seemed a little sketchy but it never seemed that dangerous. a lot of drugs, gang activity tom schabow is a neighbor... some may say hero now, for stepping up to do a neighborly thing, just as he got home from work about 1-30 this morning. i heard a woman yelling for help and came downstairs. saw a guy on top of her. called the police once i realized what was going on. and when the police got here he tried taking off and i ended up taking him to the ground. police stepped in to grab the guy and took him into custo
the dogs quickly. >>> a maryland homeowner literally saw armed robbers in action but this is not your normal couple. the armed robbery, i guess you could say, was all caught on tape. they avoided the naughty list by later returning frosty. thank goodness. >>> finally, folks in the nation's capitol showed the holiday season is in full swing. standing near the national tree and just south of the white house the national menorah was lit sunday evening to celebrate hanukkah. the jewish holiday also known as the eight day of lights began at sun down on saturday night. >>> in sports now, sunday night football right here on nbc. lions/packers with snow falling at green bay's lambeau field, detroit got out to an early lead. quarterback matthew stafford had trouble holding on to that slippery football. the packers turned it into a touchdown. there he goes, there he goes, there he goes, to go on to beat the lines, 27-20. >>> quarterback eli manning threw for three touchdowns. they won 52-27. >>> in other action, washington quarterback robert griffin iii sprained his knee but the redskins beat b
at the height of the crisis. while hud is already taken action to prevent provincial mortgage insurance fund for single-family loan, seek a better fund, -- [inaudible] suggests much more needs to be done to prevent such a draw. want to hear more today about the administration's actions and proposals to manage the risks to taxpayers stemming from their -- [inaudible]. what safeguards are in place to ensure -- [inaudible]. the administration's actions and proposals will not be sufficient to restore fha's fiscal health, and it plans to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle on the banking committee to find a bipartisan way to make that happen. now i will turn to ranking member shelby. i want to recognize his work of the ranking member on this committee for the past six yea years. this may be our last year together this year, and we'll have a new ranking member next year. part of our bipartisan record the last two years -- bipartisanship of this committee has been known for -- we have passed significant dose together in congress. and i thanked senator shelby for his service. with that,
. they are adults and there should be consequences for their action. i would have zero tolerance policy. if you're caught, off the team. they would hire a driver. they can afford it. >> eric: bring up a good point. >> kimberly: men love fast cars. i like them, too. they get a sports car. you sign a deal. if they drink, look at the large number of dui and arrest and fatalities. >> bob: personal responsibility thing, too. this guy is doing this the night before his game. you would think that the team ought to have a right to put a curfew on him if they want to. >> eric: it wasn't the night before the game. >> bob: saturday night. >> eric: friday night. they were supposed to leave to go to cincinnati. >> bob: but still, not too far off of when he had to perform, right? >> eric: but -- your point being? >> bob: my point being the team could, i assume, put a mandatory check-in time or whatever. when they're on the road they do. bowles, they have check-in time to do it. i assume the team could taken action. >> dana: how can you play hungover anyway? >> greg: you can do a lot of things hungover. belie
on the holiday shopping season. >>> a maryland homeowner literally saw armed robbers in action. but this is not your normal couple. the armed robbery was all caught on tape. the armed snatcher avoided the naughty list and police blotter by later returning frosty's appendages. thank goodness. >>> finally, folks in the nation's capital showed the holiday season is in full swing. standing near the national tree and south of the white house, the national menorah was lit sunday to celebrate hanukkah. the jewish holiday also known as the eighth day -- eight-day festival, rather, of lights began at sundown on saturday night. >>> in sports now, sunday night football right here on nbc. lions/packers with snow falling at green bay's lambeau field. detroit got out to the early lead. quarterback matthew stafford had trouble holding on to the slippery football. and the packers turned it into a touchdown. go, go, go, if, go. they went on to beat the lions 27-20. eli manning of the giants threw for four touchdowns. david wilson ran for three. big blue pounded new orleans 53-27. >>> in other a
while there may be behind the scenes action in terms of talks, no one from the house is home. big moves by citigroup's new chairman and ceo. he announced 11,000 layoffs this week. citi will take a pre-tax charge of more than a billion dollars. the markets liked the move. the stock rallied about 7% on the expense cuts. >>> a big deal for netflix and dismy, they announced a licensing agreement to show disney movies shortly after they leave the theaters. the fiscal cliff and jobs numbers and state of the economy. who better to talk about all of that than robert reich, former secretary of labor in the clinton administration and current economics professor at the university of california at berkeley. good to see you. thanks so much for joining us. >> how are you? >> let's talk about these numbers on friday, the surprisingly strong jobs numbers. 146,000 new jobs created. the unemployment rate dropping to 7.7%. we were expecting some impact from the super storm sandy in earlier thanksgiving. what do the numbers say about the economy? >> apparently we are still struggling. these are not hugely
in antipoverty, working with antipoverty organizations with community action programs. while with my duties as an active planning dregtor were quite sudden, i will already been on the local planning commission, alta vista planning commission for several years, i was somewhere familiar with planning concepts and nomenclature. however, once the applications for conditional use permits and variances and various rezonings started arriving at my desk, i was required by the state government code the county planning department forward these documents to my office, i would then prepare an analysis and send up to the municipal advisory council for that area which was a population of 17,000 unincorporated area of santa barbara county. since returning to san francisco, and that was to return to school at cal berkeley, which i did not graduate from because i was hired into a corporate executive management with a major national insurance company and did that for several years. i was actually the legal administrator for northern california operations and chief paralegal and i did that for several years
to apply for the deferred action program announced by the administration, but that program would simply give her a reprieve without the security and certainty that she needs to advance and continue her schooling. that is the path to citizenship that our dreamers need and deserve. so that they can go to school, serve in our military, give back to this country, earn their citizenship through deeds. not just words, but deeds that make us all proud and contribute to the quality of life in our nation. that's what they want to do, is to earn citizenship that so many of us take for granted and that so many people in this country have as a birthright without the effort that she will devote to becoming a united states citizen. we have great citizens born here, who value and prize their citizenship. but solange is one who deserves a path and the ability to earn it through her deeds and her accomplishments in school and afterward. on this human rights day, i thank this body for giving me the honor. it is an extraordinary honor to say how much human rights mean in this country. we are the paragon o
-line and took immediate action to weed out waste, fraud, and abuse of public funds. and to amend the state's finances more transparent and accountable to the public -- and to make the state's finances more transparent and accountable to the public. [applause] >> i will spare you what the distinguished council president requested me to do, which is to sing for all of you. we used to go out for karaoke, but he would sing and i would leave. this is a magnificent evening. we gather tonight in celebration of asian-pacific heritage month. we take a moment to reflect upon our past, to understand the heroic struggles, obstacles, hardships that so many people, including this evening's tremendous honor read, had to overcome. this is a very special place. norm gave me the good fortune of putting my feet to the marble in the halls of congress. we will give the opportunity to 20 interns this summer so that they can partake in the greatest democracy that has ever resided on this planet. this is also a tremendous significance as congressmen alluded to. this is the home were people left when i came to thi
action behind the scenes. i want to end on this point though. congressman, you're a californian. the supreme court is going to take up the issue of same-sex marriage with the prop eight ban in your state as well as the defense of marriage act on the federal level. do you think the days of same-sex marriage being not recognized, unrecognized as a civil right, are coming to an end? >> i think the supreme court will make the decision. prior to this election, every vote has only been it's only made it through by a legislator, not the vote of the people. in california, the people voted it down. we'll see from the supreme court. >> how do you see it? >> marriage equality is part of america's future. we saw that in state after state in the last election. the supreme court will take up the issue, and i hope that they understand as most of us do that this is part of our future. marriage equality and the equal treatment of people who have made this decision is part of what america is all about. >> final point, senator durbin. susan rice. will she be the president's secretary of state nomi
keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advilĀ®. and we thank you. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> bret: activist in syria say rebels captured parts of another large army base in the north. that tightens their grip on areas close to the turkish border. back in the u.s., the government is moving closer to making a decision about one faction in the opposition forces. there are increasing concerns about chemical weapons. here is chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge. >> state department officials say they can't independently confirm reports including this video uploaded to the web by the opposition over the weekend that claims the syrian military used chemical weapons. the fire which allegedly produced toxic smoke began after a syrian jet unloaded the cargo over rebel health position. another video claims to show protected gear confiscated by th
allegations about the jewelry theft and about legal action against him. >> if it is negative but true, that is fair. when it is negative and untrue, that is not fair. >> she definitely told the truth. >> it might be true, it might e. >> i do not put too much weight on one bad review it over all the reviews are good. >> here is a look at some of the stories that will be making headlines this week -- lawyers for jerry sandusky will be in a pennsylvania court tomorrow. the legal team is expected to last for a new trial. sandusky was sentenced to months ago to decades behind bars. >> also in court this week -- a man accused of pushing another man inside a new york seri -- york city subway. he was charged with second- degree murder. >> the white house announced it is seeking approval of more than $60 billion in aid to rebuild after superstar and sandy. some of the big stars in music will do their part to raise money for victims. bruce springsteen billy joel, and many more will perform at madison square garden. the concert will be broadcast on tv and online. you can check out our website, w
in the atmosphere to trigger that action and cooler temperatures will follow. if you did not like the start this morning we do have some sunshine in the 7 day forecast. 58 degrees. when you're to mature and to point a very close together, it that is when the -- temperatures and the dew. are close together that is when the fog happens. before in manassas. it is likely you could reach or be today's record high of 67 degrees. our record low this morning was 48. that is where our average is. this afternoon we do expect to see the highs in the mid and upper 60's. look at the warm air. boston up to 60 degrees. here is cold air on the backside. only 11 in minneapolis with a record snow yesterday of 10.5 inches. we do have plenty of cloudiness. are cold front should be moving in -- our cold front should be moving in. do not rush were you need to go. i think the roadways will be white. showers are continuing through tonight and cloudiness through tomorrow. here is your forecast. mostly cloudy skies. even some thunderstorms late today. for tonight, a few showers will be cloudy. check out your 7 day f
what will happen. we are hoping housing will pull us out of this malaise and we did a little action on that end. >> let's remember housing can only do so much. how they represented about 6.5% of gdp. it is only about two and .5% of gdp right now. although i think it will be a nice positive driver that has been for five or six quarters now, it doesn't have quite the impact it did a few years ago. tracy: were so great, thank you. >> than thank you for having me. tracy: the names most often used with talk about the housing crisis, believe it or not, you know him, fannie mae and freddie mac. making headlines again, so let's gegive you a refresher in two companies. then mae $116 billion from taxpayers. to be fair to pay some of that back. but they still owe nearly 88 early in dollars. freddie mac is not doing much better getting $71 billion going for $9 billion. they owe you and me more than $137 billion. but wait, here is some news. the federal housing finance agency near the 2010 and 30 employees are taking home a paycheck for the median pay is more than $2000. actually won six of the
to re-examine questionable prosecutions. but she defends the actions of the police in these two cases. >> anita alvarez: we have not uncovered any evidence of any misconduct by the police officers or the state's attorneys that took the statements in these cases. >> pitts: alvarez still believes the confession terrill swift gave in the nina glover case, despite the fact there was no d.n.a. evidence linking him or the others to the crime. did you find any of the boys' d.n.a. on the victim? >> alvarez: no, we didn't. >> pitts: did you find any of their d.n.a. in the basement of the house? >> alvarez: no. >> pitts: how do you explain that the boys would say they raped a woman and there not be any d.n.a. evidence? doesn't that strike you as odd? >> alvarez: well, we would love to have d.n.a. on everything and every... and every piece of evidence that we have in every crime. but it doesn't necessarily occur. >> pitts: last year, the innocence project retested the one d.n.a. sample that was recovered inside the victim, nina glover. it was submitted to the national d.n.a. database, and a matc
minister tell us what action he is taking to keep the electricity costs down in northern ireland? >> we're trying to put people on the lowest tariff which is welcomed across the country. in terms of business the government is trying to exempt businesses under the electricity market reform. i think it shows this government is working hard to help those industries and make sure they continue to compete and succeed in britain. >> we want to join the prime minister in congratulating on the duke and duchess of their good news. can you confirm that the commonwealth, at last, agreed to change the rules on royal succession? and will prime minister bring before the house a bill very soon so that if this baby is a girl she can follow in the footsteps of her much-loved great grandmother and become our queen? >> very grateful to my friend for her question. yeah, i think i can answer positively on all of the points she made. i chaired a meeting and we agreed that we should bring forth legislation to deal with this issue. all of the realms have agreed to do that. we will be introducing legislation in
everybody over 150,000. you take the president's actions. the president doesn't want to get an agreement or compromise he wants to get his way. he won't come to the table with any serious proposal because we can get a solution everybody can live with. >>> they have a bit of a messaging problem. i don't understand why there's not more of a conversation that starts with the fact these taxes go up. democrats would not extend what has been a republican proposal to keep them low. they are in place now and that's a republican package. if that doesn't happen the democrats taxes are higher. i am not hearing the clarity of that. why not? >> the orchestrated media wants to give you two myths. the president hasn't come from the table with anything. all he does is press conferences. the second thing they wanted to give you the illusion if the tax rates go up on everybody above # 200,000 that solves all of the problems. what i suggest to the speaker and majority leader the past two weeks is i suggested they take a major conference hall to the capital and every morning the speaker the majority leader
by the weekend talks, but to get a deal done on time, apparently action this week is said to be critical. and now we have the president heading out on the road again. president obama leaves d.c. today, headed to michigan to talk to auto workers, part of his strategy to generate public support for his plan to avoid the fiscal cliff, the tax hikes and spending cuts due to kick in at year end. the president and house speaker john boehner met one on one at the white house on sunday. while no details were leaked, a rarity for washington, we do know the main sticking points remain. raising taxes on high earners and making cuts to entitlement programs like medicare. >> you know, they started their tango now, and any time you start a tango, you have to get it done. >> more republicans are accepting the idea that wealthy americans will get a tax raise hike. >> there are a group of folks looking at this realizing we don't have a lot of cards before year end. >> but others remain opposed to raising taxes on the top 2%. >> the president wants the rates to go up. that doesn't solve the problem, and we don't w
border. despite all the action from drones it remains a safe haven in so many ways to our enemy, a big problem. al kuwaiti took over for the man on the screen who was killed in a strike in june. jon: amid word top brass at the state and defense departments as well as senior intelligence officials knew eastern libya was a hub for jihadists for years long before the deadly terror attack september 11th that killed four americans including our ambassador to libya. new questions now about the level of the security at the u.s. consulate and why our people were put in harm's way in the first place. joining us now, senator john barrasso, republican from wyoming. chairman of the republican policy committee and sifrs on the foreign relations committee. you received a letter from john kerry, the committee chairman, saying that hillary clinton, the secretary of state is expected to testify before the end of the term. how critical is her testimony, senator? >> well i think it is very important to have hearings with hillary and they need to be in my opinion open and on the record. there are so many
. there are talking about the same basic issues. host: one of the shore signs of action in washington, we have heard there is a possibility that they could come back after christmas. guest: i have been telling clients since september we were going over the cliff. i was not sure there was a sign it or coming back before christmas. this last-minute deal of some time, it could easily be approved -- the house and senate do not need to be here for this because it will not be the big, big deal. this is not the grand compromise they are talking about here there is not enough support to do the technical things. this could be a simple package they do at the last minute. host: even if the white house and john boehner agree to a deal, congress may not pass it. guest: that is my biggest concern. it is possible the speaker and the president could reach a deal, there is a significant portion of the republican party that would rather go over the fiscal cliff and have a deal. host: this is a very important change. a lot of people say, 1995 and 1996, the speaker and president clinton were able to cut a deal addicted
to decline and less money for political action and there's a cynical political motive and i just want to put this all in perspective. if we could put the chart back up that was just on the screen. as union membership declined in this country, right along with it, middle class share of the income has declined. and i know the story is not that simple. but the decline of labor in this country has been a very important piece of the story of the decline of the middle class and rising inequality in the country. paul krugman has an article talking about profits as a share of national economy surging while the share of national income going to labor through wages and other composition is declining so union rights major major part of that story. >> nomenclature issue is important here. typical republican naming of things. right to work please. this is the right to not join the union that made the workplace better. when you join a workplace, the union made improvements to the situation you may not even realize or notice at that point. they'll protect you in the future from things you don't know are fo
, president of the american action form. pretend you're. >> thanks. lou: fighting words in washington. the speaker today actually said these words. the president has adopted a deliberate strategy to a slow walk our economy right to the edge of the fiscal cliff. are you emotionally moved? do you think the nation is galvanized? >> i don't knowifhe nation is galvanized in the but i will be honest to my nervous about this. i view the clippers a genuine economic threat and a recipe for recession. we heard the secretary of treasury said earlier this week that he was prepared to go over the cliff, which i found shocking as the top economic official in an administration. if that is the strategy,it is a very, very dangerous one. lou: it is clear, the speaker made a clear, he believes that is precisely what the president wants to do and will do. as you say, it is stunning to watch the principal economic financial figures in the obama administration be leading a political negotiation rather than, if you will, minding over an economy filled with 23 million people unemployed all sorts of challenge
at the president as actions. the president doesn't want an agreement or compromise, he wants to get his way and that's why he won't come to the table with any serious proposal and talk, because we could get a solution that everybody could live with. >> it seems that there's a messaging problem. i don't understand why there's not a conversation if the taxes go up, the democrats would extend a republican proposal could keep it low. low taxes are in place and that's a republican package. if that doesn't happen, the democrats package with higher taxes is going up. i'm he not hearing the clarity. >> the orchestrated media give you two myths and act like the president has been negotiating, he hasn't come to the table with anything. all he does is press conferences. they want the illusion if the tax rates go up on everybody above 200,000 somehow that solves the problems. that's a minor point. what i stugd uggested to the speaker and the minority leader, take a conference call in the capitol and every morning, speaker, majority leader, the whip and our leadership team sit down at the table and say
, because otherwise we will have al qaeda an-- >> i don't disagree. there will be international action taken, no question about it. >> on this one we cannot lead from behind. we will have to lead from a head. >> i want to talk about 2016. that's right, 2016. >> i am still convinced that the overwhelming majority of our people want what my parents had, a chance. >> that is senator marco rubio of florida, one of the leading contenders, among the chattering classes yway, for the 2016 republican presi na, onth ryan. among e democtsa lot of talk about hillary clinton. is rubio trying to redefine the republican party, colby? ->> he is trying to put distance between himself and what their standard bearer did with the 47% in being the plutocrat and showing he was completely in balti have any -- completely unable to have any impact on people different from himself because he cannot understand them. they are trying to show is another side to it it is early, and the answer will not be charisma or rhetoric. it is policies. anything in their favor that suggest there will pursue policies substantially dif
the current budget, i can move to the action items that are before you. i have put it up on the overhead. there are about four questions there. there is a committee support drafting 13-14 and 14-15 in your budget a approved in june 2012 as a baseline to start from. budget analyst the committee can authorize me to bring it in-house or to rfp the services. contemplate the third a position and annualizing the salary and fringe for those positions and the youth commission, third position. so, perhaps i can jump right into it. >> in terms of the budget analyst services, in terms of that one, can you tell me a little bit about what it would take? * this is a question that has been asked time and time again about whether or not we can actually bring this in-house or not. i think there is a fair amount of members on the board who are interested in exploring that idea. in terms of the logistics of it, would we be able to do that immediately in time for this budget? can you help us walk through that? what would be sort of your recommendation? would it be to go through an rfp process first and then
leadership and this resolution and the actions that it directs is an important first step in establishing that for the city and county of san francisco. so thank you.
. >> shannon sharpe, brent's actions changed the lives of two people forever. >> jerry brown, his family will never be able to talk to him and see the young man again. he's probably cost himself an nfl career and some time in the penitentiary. >> in 2009, he pleaded guilty to dui. one former coach says the nfl needs stronger punishments to deter drunk driving. >> only hammer you have is playing time. there should ab automatic two game suspension in the first dui. >> if convicted, he faces a minimum of two years behind bars. >> brent's attorney claims the client's bond is excessively high and is working to get it reduced. >>> sad news as the entertainment world, janet riviera is believed dead after a learjet carrying her and seven other guests crashed in new mexico. she was born and raised in long beach. she recently divorced from major league pitcher. >>> a murder in broad daylight has some oakland businesses concerned. a man was killed just before saturday afternoon near jackland and square. favorite spot for tourists. witnesses claimed, he fired a federal shot and flet the area of the
questions, what is the top 10 actions that research universities, the federal government, and others can take to ensure that the research university can maintain the research needed to help the united states compete and achieve goals for vuremal and security in the 21st century. they are a working group of the national academy and they produce products that shape policies. that question posed by congress is pretty complicated and the n.r.c. leaders needed to put together a panel that represents a broadband of leaders, people from government, the academy, and the national laboratories. i had a privilege on being a member of that panel. congress asked for 10 actions we structured our report around 10 recommendation with a time frame in the next five to 10 years. one of those recommendations focused on policies of the flow of skull laars and students to the united states. more and more students are applying to come to our research universities. u.v.a. has had a 53% in the last three years alone. the u.s. benefits with talented students come to study and conduct research and we benefit if t
and it was amazing. >> you have to see that at the movies. >> there is so much action but i still thing i like
of the departments, to identify the signs of domestic violence and to have action plans. and we are looking at other cities and how they have workplace domestic violence policies and there is a budget analyst report that we will be analyzing soon but i am proud to have you on as co-sponsors because i know of the great work that both supervisor avalos and you. and what you have brought up especially on race and class differences in the movement and my goal is having a stronger movement but i always respect the autonomy of organizations that bring the resolutions and ordinances to us and i hope that you understand what i am saying about that. >> i believe that a lot of these organizations came to you with an outside political agenda. and i believe that if i hope that in the future, rather than bullying people and basically sort of marginalizing and the voices of two latino women, me and lopez to a large degree, that we were actually approached by the domestic violence community, and engaged in some kind of healthy dialogue around rather than bullying and being marginalized by that very community that
action and improvisation as we figure out the best way to get along. both depend on a group allowing a soloist or representative to step forward and recite his piece while the rest of the group provides background harm any and rhythm. when both forms work, the world is treated to a remarkable result. where ad hoc and seemingly dissonent voices become a part. we know the amazing things chris achieved when he led the way as america collaborated with the libyan people and our allies to move forward toward greater freedom and representative form of government. the middle east and especially libya was chris's bandstand. he knew the members gained through collaboration and personal approach. i want to share one last memory. our daughter maggie was born in 1994 with profound life threatening problems and required many surgeries and long hospitalizations during the first few years. "the chronicle" ran a story in 1996. chris's momma -- mom mary cut out that and sent it to cairo. chris took his time to write a thoughtful note expressing his concern and wishing us well, commenting on how cute
as of march 19, 2012, the first time you are taking action on believe behalf of your client you went the route of a dr request? >> that is correct. >> okay. i don't have any further questions for now. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> before we hear from the zoning administrator, i just want to see if there is anyone representing the subject property owner, who is also considered a party to this appeal? that person is not in the room. mr. sanchez, go ahead. >> thank you, good afternoon president hwang, members of the board and welcome commissioner honda and look forward to working with you. scott sanchez for the planning department, the subject roproperty is located with an nc s, a neighborhood-commercial shopping sister zoning district. there are very few of these. it's a mall essentially a larger parcel. we did review several letter of determination requests related to the usablability usable of the site for medical cannabis dispensary and found that the property was located within a thousand fee of merced playground that contains a recreation center serving people underage 18 years of
the case. the lease being signed on december 1st and the code was never in action when the guy signed the lease. that doesn't mean you have to bind him to the code, if it has changed. not just to do a good job, but to create jobs in this neighborhood by bringing in the restaurant. with respect to supervisor wiener the idea that he never attend the meeting is not entirely correct. we have the three 312 notification, and you have jurisdiction over everything. so now what we're trying to do is how best we can do this to comply with safety and other code provisions and we have asked this board to please allow us to go back and revise the plans and work with the neighbors and with the departments to bring a code-compliant project for the neighborhood. thank you. >> thank you. we can hear from mr. sanchez now, if you have something further. >> thank you scott sanchez planning department. just first i want to say that i'm surprised that the parties' representative were not able to meet and discuss -- i know that they know each other. it's very frustrating that sounds like there hasn't be
kind of pride ourselves in getting things fixed right away. people get action right away in our building. and so with the issue with the gate, i think within reason, i think people can come to some terms and have -- i believe since everyone has keys i believe it should be locked 24/7. that is my opinion. i know mr. chazan said something about being locked out of the gate for a month on time. there was a manager that put these padlocks -- had a slide bar on it and i remember there was a padlock put on the bar, because people were parking in the alley. and i know it was an issue for a few days. that is what i can recall. i don't remember months at a time anyone being locked out, because if anyone was being locked out of the building and the alley, i don't believe would go on for as many months and i been accused of perjuring myself and i'm telling my truth. this is my truth. this is my side of the story. everybody has a side of the story. and you know, i will say it again, in my opinion, i don't really know how the gate was installed. i don't know anything about the permits. a
to the ward. the hospital has already moved quickly to end any suggestion that it took disciplinary action against the nurse, saying that it didn't do that. it also said it was trying to support her, in fact, in what it called a difficult period, so they've already moved to try to deflect any criticism that may have come their way that they may have mishandled this. >> obviously, the deejays are devastated by this. if you can read into their interviews, they seem as though they're just tortured by what's happened. what more do we know about their reaction to this? >> yeah, actually, tortured, shattered, devastated. this all started off as a light hearted gag from their point of view. they make the point which is sort of quite reasonable, they had no way of really knowing what the tragic consequences of this prank call would be. prank calls take place in radio stations all over america, all over the world and they don't end up like this, and so, this is a particular incident and as such, the radio station is asking for emphasis to be taking elsewhere. as for the deejays themselves, absolute
ahead, critical day of action ahead of the fiscal cliff, rallies planned for today in the bay area to send a message to washington. >>> fallout from that radio station stunt that preceded the suicide of a british nurse. we'll hear from the deejays. >>> new information about what hostess did to their employees' pension accounts in the weeks before the company's liquidation. >>> new report says china will soon out-rank the u.s. as leading economic power. china's economy growing at healthier pace forecasts by 2030, asia will surpass north america and europe combined of global power based on gross domestic product growth, investment in technology. >>> president obama will make his first comments later today in detroit on his one-on-one talks at the white house yesterday with house speaker boehner to dodge that fiscal cliff. yesterday's mattering was the first since election day. mr. obama is expected to reveal details when he speaks to auto work there's afternoon. >>> "wall street journal" reporting hostess used employee pension money to stay afloat as it sank deeper toward bankruptcy.
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